What are the benefits of a business being Child Friendly?

  • NEW CUSTOMER/CLIENT BASE = higher turnover: Parents are good at spreading the word about child friendly places. If both parent and child have their needs catered for, they are more likely to visit again or perhaps stay longer (and spend more).
  • GOOD REPUTATION: shows families that you care about their needs
  • BETTER STAFF CUSTOMER SERVICE: by training staff how to be helpful and welcoming to families, they will also consider how they are treating other customer.
  • IT WON'T COST YOU MUCH TO BECOME CHILD FRIENDLY: you will easily recoup any cost through more customers/visitor return rates.

How can our Accreditation benefit YOUR business?  


Our Recommendations and Best Practice report ensures that you have thought of everything a parent and child needs when visiting you.


 As a result of new and repeat business. If parents and children are happy they  are much more likely to stay longer and/or visit  again!


 Helps you to market yourself more efficiently to parents.


Through new website listings, social media exposure and links with both local and national parent groups.

Our Pledge

“By joining the Child Friendly Approved Accreditation scheme, we are committed to providing and maintaining a child friendly establishment and are passionate about providing the best possible experience for parents and their children.”